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S 06 CES Baxter - Gambro

Patient-centred care – a multidisciplinary approach to holistic health

Sunday, September 7, 11:00 – 12:30

Omega 1

Session content:

Tony Goovaerts (Belgium)
Choosing dialysis modality

Angela Henson (Australia)
Approaches to improve in centre HD care

Johanna McWilliams (Ireland)
Improving patient outcomes with High Dose HD

Eva-Lena Nilsson (Sweden)
Supporting the CKD patient - the nurses role


Patients living with CKD can be faced with difficult challenges as they commence renal replacement therapy - many patients will move between dialysis modalities as well as kidney transplantation. It is important that nurses strive to improve patient care and clinical outcomes along this patient journey.
This symposium will focus on the nurses role in delivering patient centred care and review clinical evidence as well as give practical guidance on how to achieve better outcomes. The patient journey commences with decision making around the choice of dialysis modality and patient centred approaches will be explored alongside quality standards for dialysis option educational programmes. Many patients choose haemodialysis and aspects of the EDTNA/ERCA Best Practice Guide for HD will be presented to demonstrate how in centre HD care can be improved.  There is increasing evidence that more frequent and longer sessions delivering high dose HD can improve patient outcomes. The nursing aspects of delivering high dose HD at home will be described alongside the potential benefits with a novel HD machine. Finally, the importance of the nurses role in supporting the CKD patient along their patient journey will be described. Patient centred care is critical for all patients, individualizing their therapy to maximize their clinical outcomes and quality of life.

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