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Bios of speakers

Jan Cowperthwaite: Jan Cowperthwaite qualified as an RN in 1984 and started her career in Nephrology in 1988. She completed a nephrology nursing course in 1989 and a BA in Health Studies in 1993. She has worked in dialysis since 1990 and has worked specifically in the field of dialysis education since 1994. Jan is currently Director of Clinical Education for the Diaverum Renal Services group and Lead Nurse for Diaverum UK. She is responsible for the clinical education programs for the Diaverum organisation as well as the clinical governance outcomes of the UK clinics.

Anetta Cekala: qualified as a Register Nurse in 1993 and started her career in dialysis the same year. From 1994 till 2001 she completed five nephrology nursing courses on various aspects of CKD nursing. In 2006 she completed a degree at the Medical University Olsztyn. In 2009 she finished Specializations of Epidemiologic and Postgraduate studies in management in medicine. Since 2008 she has worked as a nursing teacher in the Medical University Olsztyn and has twice worked as a director of nephrology nursing courses. Anetta currently works as Country Clinical Specialist in Poland for the Diaverum Renal Services group and responsible for epidemiology safety.

Israel Silva: Israel Silva qualified as an RN in 1993. He has also a post-graduation in Replacement therapies of Renal Function in 2003 and a Master in Information Management 2008. During his career he has been working as a dialysis nurse since 1993 and since 2002 as clinic manager. Israel is currently Clinical Operations Manager for the Diaverum Renal Services group.

Maria José Guerra: Maria José Guerra qualified as an RN in 1984 and started her career in Nephrology in 1985. She has worked in dialysis since 1985 as a nephrology nurse. From 1989 she was appointed head nurse in a public hospital Nephrology unit for 6 years and was also head nurse in a Private Dialysis Center for 5 years.  Maria has done advanced studies in Healthcare management. Maria was Country Clinical Specialist in Portugal for Gambro Healthcare International for 7 years and following this worked as Clinical Education Director for Diaverum Renal Services group. From 2007 until 2013 Maria was Director of Clinical Operations in Diaverum Renal Services Group and currently is Senior Director Clinical Operations for the group.